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Jul 10, 2019
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Holdem Group is looking for an Accountant to perform accounting transactions regarding clients, suppliers, make adjustments and monitor other irregular activities. The job includes operating the accounting system and maintaining all accounting records.

Duties and Responsibilities

Produce monthly consolidated financial statements, financial results, and various supporting schedules for group or division management, ensuring timely preparation and overall reasonableness.
Participates in the maintenance of the accounting records and maintains adequate supporting documentation for all journal entries.
Monitors and coordinates activity for the expense distribution of the salaried payroll.
Reviews and analyzes general ledger account balances for such item as accrued payroll accounts, accrued liabilities, accrued receivables, and income statement accounts. Isolates problem areas and recommends necessary corrections.
Organizes, directs, and controls the retention of historical accounting and legal records, ensuring that all information is safely stored and available at short notice.
Prepare monthly reconciliations of the general ledger balance to the bank balance.
Provide assistance and financial information to internal and independent auditors.
Prepare other financial and statistical information requested by his supervisor.
Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.
Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
Execute wire transfers and journal funding transfers.
Calculates and prepares reimbursement billings and tracks receivables; reconciles monthly accounts receivable.
Assists with the fiscal year-end and fixed asset accounting.

Holdem Center, 7th Floor, The Cube, 72201, Ebène Cybercity, Mauritius
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1 - 3 Years
Language Proficiency
  • English
  • French
University Degree
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