Cost Controller

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Cost Controller
Job Type
Full Time
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Jul 10, 2019
Job Description

Job Summary

Holdem Group is looking for a Cost Controller who will oversee cost management for our entire company. In this role, you will work collaboratively with various department managers to analyze costs, assess vendor and supplier relationships, and maximize profitability

Duties and Responsibilities
Work in conjunction with all department heads to ensure maximum profitability
Provide critical assessment of all budgets and cost projections
Assess all incoming resources, and services to ensure the best price
Remain aware of market trends that could impact resource costs
Keep up to date on new vendors and possible cost-cutting partnerships
Analyze invoices to ensure correct products/services were received at the expected cost
Collaborate with department heads to strategize ways to minimize waste
Understand the entire arc of the company and how productivity impacts profitability
Commit to maximizing efficiency at all levels in different departments without compromising quality
Develop and implement proactive solutions to cost issues and cost-cutting measures
Present new strategies and assessments to stakeholders
Roll out clear cost-saving programs with set timelines and assessment goals

Holdem Center, 7th Floor, The Cube, 72201, Ebène Cybercity, Mauritius
Additional information
1 - 3 Years
Language Proficiency
  • English
  • French
University Degree
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