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Apr 15, 2018
Additional Information
Tired of earning negative interest rates on your money? Why not invest in my start-up? Why not invest in our business? We are currently looking for investors who can pool in Rs700,000.

You will be given redeemable preference shares at 20% interest rate, redeemable in one year and a floating charge to give you some peace of mind. 

Because we value your trust in our vision, we will give a 25% bonus on top of the interest at redemption. It is all tax free as there is no capital gains tax. Invest Rs700,000 and get Rs 1,000,000 back.

Call on 5428 5962 if interested.

Every financial and documentary aspect will be done according to the laws of the land, before an attorney of your choice or ours. Please note that capital and interest will be paid as one lump sum upon redemption in 12 months time.

About the business: We are an online digital company with a vision to expand beyond the shores of Mauritius. Our aim is to create the future as industries need to be shaken up and are ripe for some new way of doing things, aka disruptive tech.

If you feel like earning some good returns please get in touch and we can explain a bit more about what we are doing.

Thank you.
Beau Bassin
We are looking for investors. Earn good interests.
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